Community is everything to us at FØCAL.


Vision @ Industry Lab

An incubator space for the Boston Imaging & Vision community

Industry Lab
288 Norfolk St. #3B
Cambridge MA 02139

In collaboration with Industry Lab, FØCAL has developed a vision-specific incubator space in Inman Square, Cambridge. Residents will have access to all the great amenities that Industry Lab has to offer, plus computer vision support provided by FØCAL.

Why VaIL?

  1. Facility – FREE desks, conference room, kitchen, lounge space, 4K monitors, and coffee
  2. Community – FREE access to a building full of hardware engineers, software developers, graphic artists, legal and business support
  3. Software – FREE on-premise use of a full suite of computer vision development tools including MATLAB and the F0CAL stack with access to Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.


Residency is free to qualified applicants. Applicants should be students or professionals working in computer vision and will be qualified on the basis of their experience and field of application. Residents will be required to comply with Industry Lab standards of conduct and sign non-disclosure agreements pertaining to space occupancy. Limited residencies are available.

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