NEWS FLASH: Computer vision is visual.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually see what you were building?

Code is out; design is in.

  • Algorithms – FØCAL puts thousands of algorithms at your fingertips and lets you inspect their impact on your data, visually.
  • Hardware – Include your target hardware in your system design. Every image processing block can be allocated to a CPU, GPU, embedded processor, or specialized hardware.
  • Data – Explore at will. FØCAL tracks every mutation of your data so your design always has absolute reproducibility.
  • Humans – Let’s face it, humans will always need to touch these systems. FØCAL lets you design for that too, by treating them as fundamental parts of the data channel.

The more accuracy you want, the more horsepower you need.
How are you going to get all those cycles on that little device?

Algorithms, parameters, hardware, process distribution, IPC mechanisms, communication protocols, cloud/edge boundaries: the choices are many – too many! – and your desktop is a jail.

  • Algorithms – Algorithm selection drives accuracy. FØCAL lets you perform massive, parallel, many-core experiments in the cloud to determine which algorithms are going to get the job done best for your data.
  • Hardware – Hardware selection drives system latency. FØCAL will model everything for you – right down to the network – and give you plenty of suggestions for how to hit your QoS requirements.
  • Data – FØCAL securely silos everything for its customers. Your data is yours and we will never use it to our advantage.
  • Humans – Got ground truth? FØCAL provides a clear path to cheaply and easily scaling up your training sets through the power of the crowd.

Train on the cloud; deploy to the edge -- the essential workflow.
Will your tools take you there?

Build once. Build everywhere – cloud to edge.

  • Algorithms – FØCAL guarantees algorithm portability across a wide range of operating environments.
  • HardwareOnly FØCAL can take a solution that you’ve derisked in the cloud and deploy it directly to your edge hardware.
  • Data – FØCAL provides training data ingress directly from your deployed devices.
  • Humans – FØCAL takes away the cognitive burden of software rollout by providing direct-from-dashboard hotswapping.

Deployment is just the beginning.
Are you future-proof?

Technology changes, but good design is timeless. Our commitment to our customers is to support their designs through their whole lifecycle – from ideation to delivery, now and in the future.

  • Algorithms – Deep learning today, topological data analysis tomorrow? Whatever the next miracle algorithm turns out to be, FØCAL will make upgrading pain-free.
  • Hardware – And what happens when that next-generation processor comes out? FØCAL takes on the risk of obviation so you don’t have to.
  • Data – With huge amounts of training data required for bleeding-edge accuracy – 108 yikes! – FØCAL gives you all the tools you need for continuous delivery from day one…
  • Humans – …because will your customers really care if your solution isn’t pure deep learning if it gets the job done?

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